How To Play Monkey Knife Fight: NFL - TD Dance

How to Play Monkey Knife Fight's NFL Touchdown Dance Contest

Are you looking to have the most fun you can legally have on the internet? Love fantasy football but are still learning how to play Monkey Knife Fight?

Then MKF's Touchdown Dance might be the ticket for you to make every single game you watch exciting and a chance to make some sweet, sweet cash. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

This will be broken down into 3 parts:

What is TD Dance? How to Play How to Win


What is TD Dance?

I’ve been playing Touchdown Dance for almost three years. I’m like you: I love fantasy football and being in on the action whether it is for a $5 game or a $100 game. Touchdown Dance allows you to do that, and, though it's not a perfect science, I'll give you some insights on how to maximize your chances of dancing every game. 

Touchdown Dance is straight-forward, all you have to do is pick three players that you feel have the best chance to score a touchdown in a given game or slate (Early Star Shootout, Late Star Shootout) and if they beat your touchdown goal you win!

Sounds fun and easy, doesn't it?

How to Play

  1. Select the game you want to play:
    • For this tutorial, we'll choose the Thursday Night Football Game in Week 15 between the Los Angeles Chargers vs. Las Vegas Raiders.


  2. Select the players that you believe will score:
    • In my years of playing MKF’s TD Dance, I focus on slates where I think each player will score a touchdown or more. The higher the game total, the better the chances of touchdown dancing. It's not a bad idea to chase games with a high point total. It's also a good strategy to follow players that have built in volume and red zone usage.
    • When you combine these two strategies you can consistently win with Monkey Knife Fight and I’m here to teach you how.
    • For this contest I will be choosing the trio of Waller, Ekeler and Allen. Read the How to Win section to find out why I specifically chose these players

  3. Choose your Touchdown goal and prize multiplier:
    • You have the option of 2.5 TDs with a 2x multiplier, 3.5 TDs with a 4x multiplier, and 4.5 TDs for a 6x multiplier.
    • For this contest, I’m going to select a 2.5x multiplier. In order to win, my trio of Waller, Ekeler and Allen need to score a collective 3 TDs. They can go over this line and the payout remains the same.
    • Each of the players don’t need to score in order to get paid: for example, Waller could score 3 TDs and Ekeler and Allen score zero and you will still win. Allen could score 2 and Ekeler score 1 and Waller score zero and you will still get paid. Make sense?

  4. The next step is now to decide how much money you will play on the game (the options start at $5 and go up to $100): (It is super handy as you toggle between the dollar amounts it will tell you how much you could potentially win if you hit your respective multiplier)
    • I will be putting $50 down for this game, meaning that if my players score over 2.5 TDs, that I will be paid 2x on my $50.
    • Once you’ve confirmed the amount, hit “Submit”. Now you just kick back, relax, and let the dancing commence. 

  5. Cheer on your picks and win!
    • If my players score over the 2.5 TDs, that is a cool $100 that will be applied to my account after the game scores have been verified.


How to Win

Touchdown predictability is not a science. There are key indicators that you can look at on a game to game basis that can help you win at MKF's Touchdown Dance. 

Here is what I look for in each game and player:

  • Point total (How many points are predicted to be scored?)
  • Fantasy points allowed to position (e.g how does that players position matchup against the team they are playing)
  • Snap Share (How often is the player on the field?)
  • Redzone Usage (How often does that player carry the ball or receive targets within 20 yards of the goal line?)
  • Goal Line Carries (for running backs only: when their team is on the goal line, how often does that player carry the ball?)
  • Game script (if the player's team is losing a game, there is a higher probability that the losing team will be throwing more, making the chances of a wide receiver, tight end or a receiving running back scoring a touchdown higher) 

I've broken down an analysis of the players from the Chargers versus Raiders game. This will give you a glimpse of how you can analyze a Touchdown Dance game and make informed picks looking for a couple of key metrics:

Darren Waller, Tight End, Las Vegas Raiders

Tight ends are always good dance partners as they see heavy work in the Redzone and are relied upon by quarterbacks as a “safety” valve. 

Here are some keys to choosing Waller in this matchup:

  • Waller gets 28.3% of all of the Raiders targets
  • Waller commands 36.4% of the Raiders red zone targets
  • Leads the league in red zone targets with 20

Austin Ekeler, Running Back, Los Angeles Chargers

Running backs are a staple for touchdown dance contests as they have more predictable volume and their red zone usage is more reliable than other positions.

Here are some keys to choosing Ekeler in this matchup:

  • Since returning from injury, Ekeler has resumed a full workload (69.05% of snaps)
  • Las Vegas Raiders have allowed opposing running backs to score 18 touchdowns


Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Chargers

With wide receivers, we want to look for players that command a high amount of volume (targets), and have a quarterback that routinely targets them in the red zone. 

Here are some keys to choosing Allen in this matchup:

  • #1 in the league for wide receiver targets
  • 9th in Redzone targets with 7 touchdowns on the year
  • Chargers are the 3rd highest volume passing game in the NFL

This might seem like a lot to take in. Don’t worry, every week MKF’s team of analyst has you covered with recommendations. There can be science behind it, or, you can simply pick the players that you like. These are just a few pointers to help you get the most out of your Touchdown Dance experience on a weekly basis. 

Still unsure? Here's a quick rundown video below so you know exactly how to play and win on the TD Dance.



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Will Harris

I’m @itsharristime of True North Fantasy Football & founder of the CNBBCL. I've teamed with MKF to be your weekly guide for Touchdown Dance selections throughout the season