How To Monkey Knife Fight: NFL - TD Dance

January 5 — Will Harris explains the inaugural 'How to Monkey Knife Fight' tutorial with one of the more popular contests to play on our website: the Touchdown Dance.

Did Someone Say Season Long NFL Contests!?

September 2 — Do you love fantasy football, yet are somehow intimidated by sports betting? Am I the only one who is clueless when my buddies are talking about an over/under and have zero clue what they are talking about? Does betting seem […]

How To Play Monkey Knife Fight

July 10 — If this is your first time checking out Monkey Knife Fight, then we know you have a number of questions. First off, we encourage everyone to read our or FAQs section our homepage being trying out the website. Once you […]

How to Play LOL on Monkey Knife fight

June 18 — Interested in learning how League of Legends works on Monkey Knife Fight? And when we say “works,” we also mean win. As in, you winning OUR money. Our pal Sal Vetri helped us out recently with some ‘How-to-Play’ videos for […]

How to Play CS:GO on Monkey Knife Fight

June 18 — Our good pal Sal is back with another awesome Monkey Knife Fight Tutorial. This time, Sal looks at Counterstrike, or “CS:GO” as it’s known in the esports community. Sal will teach you how to play and win, so sit back, […]


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